About a Boy; My Comparison Between the Book and the Movie

I recently watched the movie adaptation of About a Boy. If you want to know my thoughts on the book, check out my blog post analyzing it!

My impressions:

The movie adaptation, directed by Paul and Chris Weitz, is very different compared to the original book written by Nick Hornby. The movie adaptation, starring Hugh Grant as Will and Nicholas Hoult as Marcus, contains many scenes not described in the book, however, also not including many of the scenes described in the book. Furthermore, some of the characters are very different in the Movie adaptation compared to how they’re described in the book.

The movie adaptation takes a lot of shortcuts, which is understandable, but in doing so they really reduce the depth of the characters and their relationships.

However, I think the movie captures the essence of the book fairly well and I think it was pretty funny at times. The ending of the movie adaptation was very different from the book, and without spoiling it, I will say I didn’t like it very much; I think it was very rushed.

Overall I think the movie adaptation was fairly funny, with good acting, especially by Nicholas Hoult. However, I think the book was way more enjoyable.


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  1. I agree with you and I didn’t like the ending in the book compared to the one in the book.


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