Pressreader – Comparing Two Newspapers On The Same Subject

Today we compared two South African newspapers, covering the same subject, using the site Pressreader. The two newspapers we compared was The Star and The Citizen. We found an article about a former Idols judge which was in both newspapers. The case is about Gareth Cliff who commented on a racist post made by Penny Sparrow. In the post she compared gareth-cliff-barbasblack people to monkeys and it caused a lot of outrage. In the same post Gareth Cliff, the Idol judge, commented that everyone has the privilege to say/write what they want. The TV-channel EFF commented on this and said it believed ”Cliff is a racist, who holds white supremacist views”. For this he got fired from his job as an Idol judge, but is now suing the EFF. The article from The Citizen (KZN) focused on what the EFF said about Cliff, and what Cliff had done. While The Star focused more on Cliff’s point of view. Our opinion on the case is that the EFF exaggerated when they fired Cliff bacause he didn’t directly say anything racist, and even though it was d-
umb of him to support Sparrow we think he should not have gotten fired for it.  While The Star focused more on Cliff’s point of view. Overall we think the article from The Star was most informational.


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  1. Just shows that you have to be very careful when commenting on Facebook. If you are a public figured like an Idol judge you have to be extra careful. Not a very smart move! Interesting to read about the differences.


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