My Analysis of Two Kinds by Amy Tan

The story

Today in class i read the short story Two Kinds by Amy Tan. I think the short story was a very interesting and compelling read. The story is about a Chinese mother who is obsessed with maAMy TAnking her daughter a prodigy at something. She got all these ideas from magazines and TV-shows, and she trained her daughter from an early age in all these things; having new tests every day. In the start the daughter is as excited as her mother, or even more so, about the idea of her being a prodigy. But as the short story continues the young girl starts to resist the tests and constant practice; with this an interesting relationship between the daughter and her mother is built.

The setting, the characters and the point of view

The short story is set in a Chinatown in an American city, but the setting has very little to say in the short story. I think the writer, Amy Tan, did this on purpose to get the reader even more into the characters; which are very interesting. The two major characters in Two Kinds are the mother, and the daughter. The mother is quite strict, and it is very important to her that her daughter becomes successful. She really goes far and beyond to try and make her daughter successful and when she fails, her disappointment is great. The daughter is a character who changed quite a bit during the short story. She starts out as very ”into” the hole idea of her being a prodigy. But as the short story continues she starts to give up on it all, and starts going against her mother. The short story was written in the point of view of the daughter, and of the mother. This makes the reader understand both sides and makes him or her sympathize with both characters.

The theme and the climax

in my opinion, the themes in the short story are upbringing, the difference between generations and family relations. I would not say Two Kinds had a certain peak, or a climax. Instead I think the short story was captivating and a good read all throughout.




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  1. Glad you liked it. Some would say that the climax is when the daughter refuses to play anymore, or at the mention of the dead twins.


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