Our movie project!


Last English class we got the assignment of making a film. The class was split in two groups. Both groups had to make a separate film, and we could choose the subject as long as it was school related. Our group, comprising of Me, Ruben, William, Amandus, Inger Marie, Herman, Markus, Malene, Nora, Sara Ferugl12489790_620496294755897_97123_oio, Roman, Mohamed, Synne, Sandra, Sara Rishovd and Mia chose to make a short film about an English exchange student starting at Sandvika. The exchange student was played by Ruben and named James. James came from a village in Yorkshire and had little to no experience of technology and we watch him learn how we use technology at Sandvika. In the film I was in charge of light and sound together with Roman. My main task in the movie was to hold the microphone side by side with Markus who was the cameraman. I also shared my ideas with the group, and some of those ideas were used in the picture. After we were finished with the last scene in the classroom, the three editors; Sandra, Malene and Inger Marie edited the film.

How we used technology in our film project!

To shoot the film we used a big video camera from Leica with a microphone attached to it. The camera was very good and shot the movie with excellent quality. But in the start we didn’t quite understand how to use the big advanced camera. So we asked for some from the IT department at our school and we figured it out. Shooting the movie was a lot of fun and five scenes later the movie was finished. When Sandra, Malene and Inger Marie edited the movie they used iMovie. Here is the equipment we used to film:

Overall i think it was a very fun experience, and I hope i can make some new films in the future!


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