The Aboriginals and the Rainbow Serpent

General about Aboriginals

The Aboriginals are the indigenous people in Australia. The population of Aboriginals is today approximately 600 thousand people, mostly living in Australia, and believed to stam back over 40.000 years befAustralian Aboriginalsore the British colonization. The Aboriginal languages consist of more than 500 differet ones, which is because they developed different languages in different tribes. When it comes to religion, the Aboriginals are very divided; some believe in Christianity, some in other mainstream religions and some in various local tribal religions.

The colonization

The Aboriginals were the only people living in Australia when the British started colonizing the country in 1788. Unfortunately after the colonization by the British, the Aboriginals’ way of life changed; Many  were kept captive, became sick, and died. The British settlers thought the Aboriginals were nomads and did not have ownership of the land, so the British did as they pleased and took the land they wanted.ozday

There were many other problems that came to the Aboriginals after the colonization of the British, like substance abuse. The situation did not get better and for a long time the Aboriginals were suppressed and not respected. In later years, leaders of Australia have reached out to the Aboriginals to apologize for the suppression of their people. The situation has bettered gradually over time, and the Aboriginals are now generally respected by the Australian people and have been given a part of Australia.

The Rainbow Serpent

The Rainbow Serpent is by some Aboriginals believed to be a Creator God and also a story of how all the world’s animals were made, and how the world’s landscape was formed. The story’s exact origin place and time is unknown, some people believe it is one of the oldest written tales.

The story is set in the ¨dreamtime¨; a time when there were only people, no animals, and the landscape was completely flat. The story starts following the only rainbow serpent in the world. It follows the sound of music and is lead to an Aboriginal tribe. Here he fits right in and dances with the people.

After the serpent had lived with the tribe for a while, a storm approached. Two of the tribes’ members did not have shelter for the storm. After the female leader of the tribe refused to help them, they asked the Rainbow Serpent who also had shelter. He then opened his mouth and they climbed in. The Serpent escaped during that night, afraid of the tribes reaction when they found out he swallowed to of their members.

He walked and walked until he came to Bora-bunary, the only great natural mountain in the world. He climbed the steep mountain and waited. The next morning the tribe found the two boys and the rainbow serpent missing. They soon came to the conclusion that he had eaten them and had ran away. The people followed the tracks the rainbow serpent made from escaping and soon reached the mountain Bora-bunary. The tribe struggled to climb the mountain. But, at last, the Mongul brothers were able to climb the mountain to the top where they found the Rainbow Serpent sleeping and snooring loudly. They cut the stomach of the serpent open and searched until they found the bil-bil brothers who he had swallowed. They had turned into colorful birds during their time inside the serpent, and they flew away.

Rainbow serpent

The Mongul brothers came down from the mountain just in time for the rainbow serpent to wake up. The serpent was now filled with rage and started hunting the tribe, creating terrain in the way. To escape, many of the people had to turn into all different kinds of animals.

According to the story it is because of this incident that the landscape was formed and the animals were created.


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