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Today we were visited by Kahoot!

Kahoot! is a free game-based learning platform used everyday around the world to hold quizzes, discussions and surveys. Kahoot! is a great and fun way for a class to learn and repeat things! We were visited by around six people who all work with different divisions of Kahoot! Some of them based in the London office. They introduced themselves and told us what they worked with, it was very interesting. Afterwords we worked in our ”makkergrupper” to make a Kahoot! about Ernest Hemingway. I worked with William, Amandus and Ruben. We included general questions about him, first novel etc. but also more in depth specific and pretty mind boggling questions. For instance, did you know Hemingway survived two plane crashes and worked as a KGB spy during some of WWII? I was also delightfully surprised that the Kahoot! employees walked around asking what we were doing and giving us advice.

Anyway, after we worked a while with our Kahoots it was time to show them. We were second in line to show our Kahoot! and everyone participated. It was a very fun experience! Henrik won the Kahoot!, but it was a close race. When all of the different Kahoots were presented I felt like an expert on Ernest Hemingway. At last, we took a group photo with the class and the Kahoot! people. Here was our Kahoot!: https://create.kahoot.it/?_ga=1.29878783.1528259955.144722
7775&deviceId=2c76f795-f5c9-46ef-976a-31bc3b91a0c8#public/kahoots?filter=1&tags=I ernestly like hemingway&audience=All audiences&kahoots=all-kahoots&cursor=


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  1. ann says:

    Thank you for sharing what went on that day. I’m glad you thought it was interesting!


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