How technology is helping me learn!

I study at Sandvika high school and we focus on technology to learn. As an example, we use almost exclusively our computers for note-taking and we have all our books on our computers instead of having heavy normal books. Because of this, we only need to carry around our beloved laptops or tablets, which are very light and comfortable to transport. Furthermore, it’s also very easy to take notes using only a laptop, because you store everything in one place! whether it be the notes for the Spanish class, Norwegian class or any other class for that matter. Instead of having books in paper, we use a web page called ”Unibok” for our books. Unibok works very well because you can easily take notes in the book you are using, you can search for words, and even convert your notes to a pdf file! Most of my class use Macs, some use computers and two people use Microsoft Surface. Even though I am happy with my Mac, I regret that i didn’t get a Microsoft Surface after seeing all the things you can do with it. Microsoft Surface is a tablet which you can choose to attach a keyboard to. This gives you plentiful opportunities; you can use it exactly like a computer, or you can detach the keyboard and use it as a tablet. When used as a tablet you can read and take notes very easily with your pen. Also, in apps like OneNote, you can both write with a keyboard and with your pen. This makes note-taking much more natural. But my Mac also works very well and is also a great device for school work. It’s very easy to multitask with the opportunity of multiple desktops and many helpful features with the touchpad. But if I were to go back in time, I would buy a Surface instead. However, overall, whatever machine you use, I think we are using technology in the right way and it’s quite refreshing!El clase Here you see a picture of my class and one of the school.



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  1. hollyandlily says:

    i agree, in my class we use technology all the time, we all have our own laptops and we use them in every lesson. also i use my phone 24/7 :’) personally i would hate to have to carry around heaps of books to every lesson!!


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