The day we went to Kolsåstoppen!

Wednesday the 9th of september, our class went on a trip to Kolsåstoppen. We started this adventure to find a very special stone, that almost exclusively, is on Kolsåstoppen. the stone is called “Rombeporfyr“and looks like this:b54ffd0d-2c29-4617-8bab-b8bb260ad88f

The trip:

We left the school on the 9th of September right after lunch. The weather was nice and people were generally in a good mood.

To get to Kolsåstoppen we had to first take the buss to Sandvika, then change buss, before we arrived at the Toppåsveien bus stop. After the arrival we started walking to the top. Before we were to visit Kolsåstoppen  we went up to this cabin called “kif hytta“or “the kif cabin. We visited the cabin because close to it there was a very big stone that was interesting. After that we started our last climb to the top. The climb was quite steep so we were all very happy when we ascended to the top in the heat. The view from the top also boosted us because it was so beautiful! You could see over big parts of Akershus. Then when we were done admiring the view, we started the climb down. And before we knew it we were back down!

Here are some pictures:

The view from the kif hytte.


When we saw rombeporfyr.



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  1. Nice pictures, like the one with the stone you were looking for, Would have been interesting if you took a picture of that stone!


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