When The Prime Minister Visited Us!

28th of August our prime minister, Erna Solberg, visited us in our class. It was a delightful and surreal experience.

The prime minister decided to visit our school because of the way we use electronics, which is a little bit more modernized than other schools. She also visited to talk to the students and get to know the school. I was fortunate enough to speak to her, when she asked me what I was doing that lesson. The experience was quite surreal, this was a women I had only seen on TV and heard on the radio before, and suddenly she was standing right in front of me.

Erna Solberg is the leader of the Norwegian political party called ‘Høyre’. Høyre means ‘Right’ in Norwegian , so as the name suggests, it is a quite right-winged party.

Høyre, together with FRP, KRF and Venstre has governed the country since 2013, when they won the election. And Erna was elected prime minister.


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  1. Good for you that you got to talk with her.


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