The Landlady

The Landlady, Short story

I just read the short story The Landlady written by Roald Dahl.

The short story starts off at a slow pace as we are told the story of Billy Weaver who is going to a new city and trying to find a place to stay. Billy is a young gentleman who feel pretty good about himself that day, and he is looking forward to staying at a hotel called The Bell And Dragon. But as he is walking towards The Bell And Dragon he passes what seems to be a very nice and cozy bed & breakfast. And when he meets the landlady who seems to be very nice as well, and he finds out how cheap it is, he decides to stay there the night.

Here is where the story suddenly changes. The bed & breakfast that looks so nice, welcoming and comforting at first, becomes horrifying when he finds out that the animals in the hotel are actually dead and stuffed instead of just asleep. The reader also gets suspicious when all the Landlady keeps talking about is the two previous guests, Mr Mulholland and Mr. Temple, who were also the last two guests at the bed & breakfast, and the only two guests the last 3 years. The stay turns out to be a Quite unpleasant.

The Landlady is a very well-written short story, with a growing suspense that leaves you breathless at the end, when you figure out what is going to happen and what happened to the last two guests.

The Landlady, youtube video

The next thing we did in class was to watch an old tv-show by Roald Dahl from the 1970ies, this episode was a televised version of the The Landlady. Contrary to the Short story, the video told the story a little bit more vividly and had little room for interpretation. Therefore I found the video more horrifying, the last part was especially chilling.


In conclusion I think it was more enjoyable to read The Landlady than it was to watch it. That was because the room for interpretation the short story had, you didn`t understand how it was going to end right up to the end, and the suspense was slowly rising. Contrary in the video you just got ‘fed’ with the story, with no room for interpretation. Therefore the video was a little more chilling than it was thrilling and it had less suspense than the book.


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  1. I agree with you! Glad you liked it, and the text was better!


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